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The Colon

Understanding the colon

What is the COLON anyways… and how does it work? It is a hollow, tube-like organ made up of muscle structure that moves along digestive food and waste by a wavelike motion known as peristalsis. The primary function of the colon is to absorb water, electrolytes, and some vitamins, as well as to prepare and store fecal waste prior to elimination.

The colon, along with the skin, kidneys, and lungs, is an organ of elimination. If bowel movements are not regular, our health can be compromised. Good health is as much a function of our elimination activity as the quality of the food we eat.

Why is colon care necessary for well being?
Good health is as much a question of how we eliminate wastes as of how we nourish our bodies. The life style presented at the Ann Wigmore Foundation is not a cure or remedy for any specific disease, rather it is a life style of total rejuvenation of the body and mind—a thorough house cleaning of the body, ridding it of the wastes, foreign matter, mucous and toxins accumulated since childhood, while simultaneously providing optimal nourishment. By the combining of good health habits with a new way of eating, i.e, eating only organically grown food, containing high enzyme, easy-to-digest nourishment, this life style assists nature in the most effective way.

Once the proper nourishment has been provided and thus deficiencies have been corrected, then there is no longer an intake of kudos to drain the body of energy. All the environmental pollutants from air, water, and food, which have been locked in the cells, are released. Some toxins such as uric acid, produced by the consumption of meat, and those toxins resulting from the intake of drugs, have been stored in the body for decades.

This life style is fashioned to promote total healthy and such health cannot be experienced without complete colon care. This involves the taking of enemas as they are needed. The self-healing of the body has been misunderstood- Rather than trying to gamma the symptoms of poor elimination, we need to give the body a means for the self-healing that is inherent with a clean, properly functioning colon.

The two main causes of disease are deficiency and toxemia. The body can overcome disease through a process of elimination and nourishment The colon is the body’s major organ for elimination Its poor functioning may be related to headaches, undue weariness, lethargy, fatigue, sluggishness, negative moods –all symptoms of the beginning of a toxic condition of the blood. These symptoms can be Nature’s calls for attention when waste matter is not being processed or expelled on schedule. By cleansing the colon, we remove the causes of these toxic conditions and prevent their cumulative effect on our bodies and minds.

An unhealthy colon and poor digestion go hand in hand. The digested food must contain nutrients and enzymes for proper health. That is why living food is so necessary to replace any missing elements. The process of digestion is accomplished with the help of an extensive colony of friendly bacteria that thrive within the healthy colon. As the food passes through, these bacteria “feed” upon the food, creating valuable chemical products in the process (Vitamin C and B Vitamins, including B12). When these bacteria have been modified or destroyed due to antibiotic drugs, poor food combining. or old wastes putrefying in the colon, the result will be sluggishness, fatigue or disease.

When one is not eliminating properly, deposits of fecal matter build up along the wall of the colon or in the pockets of the colon. That is why even a mild case of constipation can become a serious problem. In addition, fecal deposits can irritate the nerve endings in you colon, leading to a spastic or inflamed colon. These conditions interfere even more with nutrient absorption and also with proper bowel function. Digestive problems and allergies are responsible for constipation.